Survey of cargoes

  • pre-loading condition surveys of cargoes are performed prior to loading on board the vessel.  The aim is to inform the cargo owner / carrier / insurer about the actual availability and condition of the cargo at the moment of the survey. During the inspection the surveyor studies the cargo documents, checks the actual availability of the cargo and whether it corresponds to the supporting documents. At the same time, the surveyor notes the defects of the cargo and damage to the packing, if any. The surveyor examines the place of temporary storage of the cargo prior to loading on board the vessel and assesses the risk of damage to the cargo during temporary storage.
  • load / stow / securing surveys, including breakbulk and large-size cargoes and heavy-lifts. Their aim is to exercise control over cargo operations and equipment used for loading; cargo stowage in the hold; separation and securing of the cargo from the point of view of its safe transportation in accordance with the recommendations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO);
  • containers stuffing / unstuffing surveys – containers stuffing with cargoes in accordance with the technological schemes of carriage of the cargoes intended for transportation / unstuffing of cargoes / examination and assessment of their condition;
  • draught survey / tally operation. Draft surveys are carried out by qualified surveyors experienced in this job, who worked as Chief Officers for a long period of time and are well aware of the peculiarities and specifics of this procedure. A tally operation of a breakbulk cargo is carried out on the berth by tally clerks round-the-clock. They know perfectly well the work with this cargo and the peculiarities of its marking and are experienced in this job. The computer tally program worked out by the company allows the surveyor to control strictly the quantity of cargo units from the beginning of loading / unloading till its completion, distribution of the cargo among the holds and to check the remaining quantity of the cargo;
  • survey damage to cargoes, including perishable goods – being informed about the peculiarities, regime and conditions of transportation of this or that cargo, the surveyor comes to the conclusion about the extent, nature and cause of the damage to the cargo and the presumably liable party.
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