Condition survey of vessels

  • on / off hire condition / bunker surveys – such surveys are ordered by clients who are going to charter the vessel for some period of time. The aim of the survey is to assess the condition of the vessel as a whole — accommodations, cargo compartments and equipment — before and after the operation by the charterer. Much attention is paid to proper identification and documentary reporting of the found deficiencies. One of the important survey procedures is the estimation of fuel quantity on board the vessel (Bunker survey) at the beginning and at the end of the vessel’s operation contract.
  • pre-insurance / periodical surveys of vessels, including yachts / barges / pleasure small size boats  — such surveys are usually ordered by the P&I Clubs or a marine insurance company, who wants to get a comprehensive picture of the condition of the vessel to be insured and possible risks in the course of the vessel’s operation.
  • inspection of cargo compartments of vessels, including ultrasonic testing of holds for weathertight integrity which allows to ascertain if the vessel’s cargo compartments are fit for the carriage of a concrete cargo and to find with strict accuracy the places of water penetration into holds;
  • confirmation of towing operations;
  • survey of damage to hull, machinery and equipment.
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